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May 10-12 at Zoku Amsterdam

A Peer-to-Peer Learning Lab
for Holacracy Practitioners

Over 1,000 companies worldwide practice Holacracy – from  Dubai, to Shanghai, to Las Vegas, to Berlin – in sectors as diverse as e-commerce, education, and insurance. Each of these pioneering organizations has been solving the unique challenges of self-organization alone – until now.

The Holacracy Forum is a peer-to-peer learning lab for the world’s most experienced practitioners to explore their unanswered questions around self-management - including approaches to hiring, performance management, budgeting and compensation; best practices for successful adoptions; and pro-tips for facilitation and coaching. The format is designed to surface tensions, elicit experience, and encourage brainstorming. The entire event is created to allow experienced practitioners to transform their individual experience into collective learning and accelerate the evolution of self-management.

From Forum Attendees...


I experienced being deeply moved, nurtured, motivated, inspired, seen...and affirmed in myself, my life and my personal journey...It’s simply fabulous!!!

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The Holacracy Forum is a key event for any serious Holacracy Coach or Practitioner that wants to take their learning to the next level. The connections are invaluable.

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What I have learned in attending the global Holacracy Forums has changed my personal and my company’s relationship with Holacracy.

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