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Holacracy Forum 2019 has a Unique Purpose


The purpose of Holacracy Forum 2019 is to 
reduce the pain and increase the ease of Holacracy practice through the collective intelligence of experienced Holacracy practitioners.

Holacracy is a disruptive technology. It’s inevitable that such a radical departure from our familiar norms will evoke the discomfort of novelty and change. The Holacracy Forum is not about eliminating the unavoidable challenges of transition. It’s aimed at making Holacracy more robust by identifying those pains which can be eased with improved processes, complementary frameworks, and deeper understanding. At the Forum, you’ll be asked to both share your struggles and offer your wisdom. Come prepared to listen, understand, share from experience, and build on the ideas of others.

Questions about the Forum or purpose, view our FAQs or contact us.

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