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Things to do & buy (not the touristy stuff)

We have gathered some of our favorite Amsterdam treats. If you want to share any of your Amsterdam favorites with your fellow Forum attendees, let us know!

Looking for a dandelion paperweight or a hexagonal desk calendar? Misc carries a carefully curated selection of stationery, furniture, and functional design pieces for your office, home, or home-office.

As the oldest functioning cinema in Amsterdam, the Movies is a local institution. With a history dating as far back as 1912, the cinema boasts a magnificent art-deco interior that creates a warming ambiance of yesteryear. The cinema focuses on alternative films and art house cinema.

The Movies also houses a bar and a restaurant, the perfect places to dine and drink whilst absorbing the silver-screen atmosphere.

Hutspot provides for the necessities of urban living. Get a cut at their barbershop, grab a drink in the bar, or browse their stores for minimalist clothing or a unique gift.

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